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How do I make an order of wallpaper samples? 
The wallpaper samples are in A4 size and you can order them easily on each wallpaper´s product page. Go to the wallpaper that you want to order samples from and press "Add samples to the shopping cart." Click on the shoppningbasket icon at the top right of the page. There you can overview and remove the items in you shopping cart. When you are satisfied with your order, you complete the purchase process by specifying the delivery details and proceed to complete the payment according to the payment method you choose. 

What payment methods can I pay with? 

If you order samples, these are paid directly on our website. When buying wallpaper samples, we accept the following payment methods: Cardpayment, Paypal, Bank Transfer (SEPA). 

How are wallpaper samples delivered? 

When ordering wallpaper samples, these are sent from us within two workingdays. The wallpaper samples are in A4 format and delivery is done by mail directly to your mailbox.

What is meant by EasyUp® wallpaper?

EasyUp® wallpaper is a non-woven wallpaper which means that you glue directly onto the wall and then put the wallpaper. You then fine joints because you put the wallpaper edge-to-edge instead of an overlap. With EasyUp® it also means that the wallpaper has sufficiently high opacity to be able to cover an old wallpaper without the underlying pattern or color being visible through.