Ambitious environmental goals

WallVision is a pioneer in the industry with well-developed environmental practices and we constantly strive to make the least possible environmental impact. In order to achieve our ambitious environmental goals, it has been important to maintain full control of the entire chain: from raw material and production, right up to the final use of the product.

We get the raw paper material for our wallpaper and packaging from some of the world's most sustainable forestry companies with a commitment to replanting trees.



FSC - certiferade

Boråstapeter AB is since 2018 FSC-certified. This means that we now are using FSC-certified papers and nonwovens to print our wallpapers on. The wood used for producing the papers and nonwovens is coming from sustainable managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international organization that works for forest management to be environmentally, social and economically responsible. More information about FSC can be found on https://www.fsc.org/