Engblad & Co

Stylish Scandinavian design with international influences

The core of our brand goes back to the mid-1800s when we were among the first in Sweden to manufacture wallpaper. It was daring and something completely new at that time, and we still work with that same spirit. We have developed by continuously seeking creative collaborations as well as acquisitions of other wallpaper manufacturers. And we have had different names too. But even though our path has not been fixed in stone, we have always been defined by our ability to find, and our courage to try new, interesting and style-forming expressions.

Today we have taken back our original name, Engblad & Co. thus, connecting our rich history to today's modern brand which is still driven by our daring to challenge with style-forming design.

Modern Scandinavian

We started producing wallpaper while industrialism was in its infancy and the concept of what is today called "modern Scandinavian design", was slowly being developed. Both these influences, with their preference for clean, straight lines as well as a tendency to simplify and scale off are fundamental to our design language. It's where we also get inspiration for our colour scales and the different emotions we want to convey. Designs are always up to date. And always feel right.


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