With inspiration from our Swedish heritage

Boråstapeter is a well-established and loved brand. Our name, the direction of the business and our factory premises have never changed. But, perhaps most importantly, for over 110 years we have been faithful to our core vision of creating wallpapers for every home. Today, as yesterday, we draw inspiration from the nature which surrounds us, our common roots and those things which matter in the present. We transform these creative influences to add a sense of well-being in people's homes, both here in Sweden and also, increasingly abroad. We strive for quality in everything we do, from production with minimal impact on the environment to wallpapers that are durable and easy to set up, or our visual expressions that are both on-trend and timeless.

Thank you, Waldemar,

When Waldemar Andrén founded Boråstapeter in 1905 he had a clear vision that "all Swedes should be able to afford creating a more beautiful home with the help of wallpaper.” More than a hundred years later we, and the world, look rather different. To reflect how Boråstapeter is gaining more and more customers globally, we have updated that vision. Our heart is still in the same place, but our gaze is searching for new horizons. Boråstapeter's vision today is that "With inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpaper for every home”.


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