About us

WallVision markets some of the industry’s most authentic brands

WallVision is a global leader in the international premium wallpaper market and is the clear Nordic market leader. During the last 10 years, the Company has successfully expanded internationally to become a global leader within the premium wallpaper segment. Our core brands Cole & Son, Wall&decò and Boråstapeter represent majority of our sales and is complemented by two other strong brands Engblad&Co and Mr Perswall.
We design, develop, produce and sell high quality wallpapers to more than 100 countries around the world. Our amazing design teams and our unique pattern archive accommodates everything from exclusive expressions with a high degree of design to the more timeless and classic.

Looking to the future

We constantly work with quality and development to meet tomorrow's demands on our product. We strive for the least possible environmental impact both in our manufacturing processes, in our internal work environment and for the products and their final use.



We create beautiful interiors.


To be the European leader in Premium wallcoverings.
By leading we mean having strong, aspirational and profitable brands.