Investor relations

Founded in 1905, WallVision is a global leader in the international premium wallpaper market and is the clear Nordic market leader. WallVision designs, manufactures and sells high-quality wallpapers throughout the world through five well-established brands.
It is the company's vision to become the leading supplier for the premium segment of wallpaper in Europe. "Leading" refers to the market's strongest, most sought after and most profitable brand.

The Group's parent company is WA Wallvision AB, based in Borås, Sweden. The underlying operating group, with the parent company Waldemar Andrén Tapetdesign AB, is also based in Borås and has five subsidiaries: WA WallVision Sweden AB, Sweden; John O. Borge AS, Norway; Cole & Son Ltd, United Kingdom; Wallvision International Trading (China) Co. Ltd., China; and Wall & Decò S.t.l., Italy. The production is located in Borås, Sweden and Cervia, Italy.