This is wallvision

Our story

WallVision was founded in 1905 as Borås Tapetfabrik and includes the product brands Boråstapeter, Cole & Son, Mr Perswall and Wall&Decò.

Our brands

Brands of WallVision

WallVision is a global leader in the international premium wallpaper, with several strong brands: Boråstapeter, Mr Perswall, Cole & Son and Wall & Deco.

High environmental goals


WallVision is a pioneer in the industry with well-developed environmental work. Therefore, we have gathered our entire business under one roof.

To WA WallVision AB Shareholders

Relocated Annual General Meeting

As a result of the recent outbreak of the new corona virus, we have increased the level of risk of proliferation, which has led to authorities in Sweden introducing meeting and travel restrictions.